How it works

Easy steps, nothing extra.

Check what are CarFluent key features that can become a part of your dealership.

Step 1

Get instant pricing. Purchase details are updated instantly depending of the choices your customers do. That allows to show the most actual purchase price

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Trade in.png
Step 2

Enable trade-in. Let customers rate-in their car within the process. Our tool analyse trade-info details, defines the proper market value and builds an offer.

Step 3

Cash/Financing. Easy way to apply for financing the car with a loan and pay it off over time, or choose to pay cash.

Step 4

Add coverages. Allow your customers to discover all the pros of different protecting plans. Thanks to adjustable deductible amount, duration and miles covered every person can find the best and affordable deal

Step 5

Sign in documents. Keep all your documentation electronically. Run contracts online - preparation, sign in and managing in one place.

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Step 6

Advanced pyment methods: allow Customers to plit payment and pay with credit card, bank transfer, cash and even Bitcoin.

Step 7

Deliver a car: easy scheduling


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