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  • What is the monthly price?
    The monthly price is $995. Additional charges by integration partners may apply.
  • What are the setup fees?
    No setup fees.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Monthly contract that can be cancelled at anytime.
  • Who do integrate with?
    We integrate with 180 warranty companies through our partnership with PEN. We integrate with all lenders through our integration with DealerTrack. We can even integrate with your DMS, CRM or inventory management tool.
  • How does CarFluent compare to other digital retail tools?
    We are the only digital retail tool that provides end to end transactions without speaking with the sales department. Customers can checkout online at home or instore as a self checkout.
  • What if my F&I manager or salesmen wants to sell the aftermarket products?
    No problem. The customer can start the process online and the system stops before document signing and checkout so your dealer can jump into the process and have another opportunity to sell and then complete the final steps instead of start from the beginning.
  • How do I control the paperwork process?
    The dealer uploads blank documents and places the field entries into the correct places. Each deal the fields automatically upload and paperwork is generated automatically. Once the deal is completed, CarFluent sends the deal to your DMS so accounting is easy and there are no duplicate entries.
  • What if I need wet signatures?
    The customers can still sign all paperwork digitally so the deal has a high likelihood of closing. Instore the dealer can print documents for wet signature and for deliveries wet signatures can be collect at the delivery.
  • What if the trade appraisal is not correct?
    The dealer dashboard enables you to update the trade-in price.
  • What if I need to update the deal?
    The dashboard enables the dealer to update any fields similar to a DMS system and the customer can go online and complete the deal.
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